Every golfer, even non-golfers, know at least two pieces of golf equipment, the golf ball and the golf club. There are however a lot more golf equipment that a typical golfer needs in order to ensure that they are well prepared for a game.

The Golf Bag

This is where the golf clubs, and other golf equipment, are put in. These are usually made of nylon, canvas, or leather, and have several pockets at the side. There are generally four types of golf bags, depending on the purpose of the owner.



The most common golf bag is the caddy bags. These are lightweight bags made to be carried around the course while playing. There are two kinds of caddy bags. The first is the Sunday bags or the minimalist carry bags. These could be folded for storage when empty but lack more advanced features like insulated pockets or stand legs.

There are also bags called cart bags that are specifically designed to be attached to a two-wheeled pull cart or to a golf cart. These have more storage pockets and are made of more durable materials than the caddy bags.

The largest type of golf bag is the staff bag. These are customarily seen carrier by the staff or caddy of a professional or high level golf player. This bag has a larger storage area and has more features.

A Pair of Golf Shoes

A golf player cannot just play wearing everyday leather shoes, or even running shoes. He has to wear shoes precisely made for golf, shoes that have soft spikes at the soles. The shoes have spikes to help increase traction and prevent the player from losing his balance during the swings.


A tee is a spike, made from either wood or plastic, which has a small cup on the head to hold the ball. This golf equipment is used for an easier shot and only for the first drive for each hole. The length of the tees depends on the club the player is going to use.

Ball markers

Golf absolutely prohibits a player from picking up the ball and moving it. there are, nonetheless, situations where the player can pick up the ball such as when it is in the way of an opponent’s putting line. In this case, the player should first mark the exact spot where the ball lies before picking it up the mark used is called a ball marker. This could be any round, flat, distinguishable, and unique object made of plastic or metal.

Club head covers

Golf equipment

When all the clubs are placed in the golf bag, collision from each other cannot be avoided because of the limited space. These could cause scratches, abrasion, and damage to the clubs. In order to prevent that from happening, a player could put club head covers on the clubs. This golf equipment also protects the clubs against the weather and other possible damages while in the golf bag.

The Golf Cart

The golf course is fairly large and vast so it takes a relatively long time to walk from one area to another. Add the fact that he is carrying a bag full of golf clubs would mean that he would be tired out before he could even finish a round. Consequently, the lowered stamina could greatly affect his performance. What he could do is avail of the services of golf carts. These carts are used to transport the golf players along the golf courses. There are also carts specially made just for golf clubs and the golf bag, called hand carts.


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